Wishes Granted / Brynna, "I wish to have a playhouse"

By Allissa Boren
Saturday, August 03, 2019

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Eleven-year-old Brynna is a caring girl who loves to cuddle and hug. She loves to always be out and about, trying new activities, and listening to music. But above all of this, Brynna loves to play with all her siblings! However, due to her medical condition, Brynna often finds herself at doctor’s appointments and inside her home where her body temperature can be monitored. When Brynna and her family found out she was eligible for a wish, a playhouse came to mind as a wonderful wish option. This way Brynna would be able to go in and out of the sun and have a comfortable place to play with all her siblings. Not only this, but the playhouse would be filled with books and entertaining activities for Brynna and her family! It would also be insulated and have a functioning air conditioner so that it can be utilized year-round. The wish couldn’t have come at a better time for Brynna and her family, because only a few months later, they used the playhouse as a place for Brynna to learn. Having to pull Brynna out of school, the playhouse worked as a perfect place for Brynna to continue to learn. “The playhouse gives her a schoolroom to spend her days,” said Brynna’s mom, Tammy, “learning at home in an environment more conducive to her.”

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