Wishes Granted / Madison, "I wished to go to Dublin, Ireland, and I did!"

By Allissa Boren
Saturday, October 27, 2018

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Looking at Madison, a 17-year-old young lady, you wouldn’t know the long road she has traveled physically. Madison has been through a great ordeal with cystic fibrosis. In and out of treatments and numerous medications have been apart of her daily regimen for years.

When Madison found out about her opportunity to be part of Make-A-Wish® and that she was going to receive her one true wish, well she was beyond ecstatic. She immediately knew that she wanted to go to Ireland. One of the main reasons her choice was to go to Dublin, was because it was the birthplace of her grandfather and she is fascinated by the culture. She already had places and sights that she wanted to see.

Madison had many highlights from this memorable trip. Once they had arrived, Make-A-Wish® Ireland had someone waiting for their arrival. Airbnb also kindly helped provide them with a beautiful place to stay during their trip. Kathy, Madison’s mother, said that the tours were so amazing that Madison insisted on taking one back to back. At the Dublin Castle, Madison was given privileged treatment and even got to sit on the throne on the Throne room. She even got to see the behind the scene places such as the spiral staircases and the rooftops. Madison took amazing pictures that will help her keep these memories alive forever.

She loved learning about the history and culture given by the tour guides. “The tours were wonderful, but the really special part was the way they each talked to and spent time with Madi and the family. As if that was all they wanted to be doing,” said Kathy. Madison enjoyed this trip of a lifetime and it’s something she’ll remember forever!

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